The Thousand Streams of the River Country

First Session


Game opens with Kisseki bringing in a new Lunar from Nexus and tattooing him. Procyon Lotor meets Five Blades Night and Kisseki sends them on a quest to bring in a third new Lunar who is yet to be Exalted, but soon will be.

Procyon is overconfident and Five Blades is cautious. Before they go, Five Blades teaches Procyon to hunt the Heart’s Blood of a raiton. Procyon finds a special raiton who survives the “parliament” and takes its form. Then he and Jian fly towards Sijan.

Meanwhile, Peng An-Lan traveling North and East to Sijan with his Uncle’s funeral procession. Suddenly, bandits attack the funerary caravan. An-Lan runs away at first, but soon is injured and falls. It is Luna who picks him up, and he is Exalted. Memories of powerful sorceries fill his mind.

He strides forward and challenges the Bandits, but they are unimpressed and continue their attack. He realizes that only magic can win him this battle and begins to shape deadly magic even as the bandits try to cut him down.

With a burst of silvery-blue Essence, the Death of the Obsidian Butterflies strikes down the majority of the Bandits. The Bandit Leader, a pale hammer-wielding man, escapes but is injured. Taking on goat-legs, An-Lan tries to run the leader down, but he proves slippery and somehow escapes.

Five Blades and Procyon see a burst of Essence and wing in closer, realizing even as they do that they will not get there quite in time. They land on some trees and survey an empty battlefield. As they consider their next move, a talon of Lookshy Dragonbloods and mortal soldiers land in a sorcerous blast of air.

Jian hides, becomes Taizei Ong Park and approaches them as if he were running to get to the battle. They buy his cover and he helps them investigate the scene. In his Raiton form, Procyon also investigates and discovers that the caravan was that of a Guild family, specifically the Peng Clan. The PCs meet Taizei Aysunya the Fire-Aspect and the Wood-Aspected Elif the Sorceress of the Talon.

Ong Park insinuates himself into the Talon, even accidentally falling into formation as the Captain until he’s elbowed by Aysunya and has the grace to look embarrassed and takes a place in deference to her.

They fly back to Sijan and on the way pick up Procyon in the clothing of a beggar or peasant. Once in the city, they decide to look into the Peng procession. Procyon uses his contacts to plant rumours.

In his terrifying goat-legged aspect, An-Lan tracks the injured Bandit Leader back to his lair and demands tribute, pretending to be a minor God worshiped by the Guild. He tells them to give him tribute in repayment for their misstep and promises that greater worship will bring greater rewards. The bandits are convinced and the Cult of An-Lan the Goat-Man begins…

An-Lan then heads back into the city of Sijan to have his wounds treated.

Ong Park suggests dinner and drinks with his female companions and they soon begin social combat against him after Procyon’s rumours of an Air-Aspected Realm Magistrate return to their ears. Taizei Ong Park responds:

“I served in the Third Dragon under General Kwai-Lyn Fong, actually. Of course, the old man had a wooden leg. It took a flaming arrow from some Haltan archers, but we used the flaming leg and some pitch to return a flaming volley of our own and break their ranks!”

The trio ends up in the Wandering Heron for drinks and Procyon arrives and saves the day with his social acumen, wearing the skin of a mortal lieutenant mercenary who was traveling with Park the whole time.

After a night of debauchery, Park beds the red-haired Aysunya in a rented room and Procyon takes Elif the sorceress to the Inn’s chambers for a night of love-making.

While Procyon and Jian party, An-Lan has his wounds bound and rewrites his Uncle’s Will, ensuring a strong revenue flow for himself. He then gets himself a nice buff jacket since he is worried about further injury. Finally squared away, An-Lan decides to investigate the strange mystical pull he has been feeling from the bones of Sijan.

The next morning, Procyon and Jian discuss how to track down their Lunar quarry. They decide to question locals near the local healer. They soon find a gossip who informs them that he saw a wounded man get treated and move on to the Barristers. Five Blades offers him coin for his troubles and suggests that much more could come his way if he found the man for them. Procyon gives him a well-known Sijan contact and the PCs move on to the Barristers.

Through some bureaucratic wrangling, they discover that Peng Tai-Mon is the dead man whose funeral procession was disrupted. Procyon narrows it down to four suspects and eventually gets a lead on where the new Lunar has gone: Down the stairs into the depths of Sijan’s ancient tombs.

An-Lan, following his mystical urge, travels down into the depths and arrives at the Tomb of the Sleeper. He speaks with the creepy doomguard at the door and discovers that the tomb is opened to prayers only at Calibration. After some Q and A, he decides to leave. He also considers summoning an elemental to fight his way into the chamber.

But An-Lan also does not know the powers or capabilities of ghosts- especially ones riding around in giant suits of armor. He wants to do it, but decides to wander around and think about the situation more.

Procyon, still in his form as Zinn the Mercenary, and Five Blades Night in the form of Taizei Ong Park, sneak down the dark stairs, deeper into Sijan, hiding from the Mortician’s Order and looking for anyone out of place- or named Peng.

They find An-Lan sitting on a bench. Procyon approached while Jian hides and sneaks around behind him. Procyon tells An-Lan to stop using his name and avoid his enemies, suggesting that he could help him. An-Lan asks about how to get into a guarded tomb.

An-Lan decides to hire Procyon and use his assistance to help him enter the tomb. The pair go back down the stairs to the Tomb in question and Five Blades follows stealthily.

An-Lan begins to ask the Black Guardian about the terms of his service. He says he serves the Black Watch for eternity to protect the living from the dead. Says others of his kind protect the dead from the living. Says there may be a sleeping beast inside whose release could kill many people, the Guard will not let them pass for the protection of others.

Says that he will make a secrecy pact in blood and essence to find out why they want to enter before Calibration. An-Lan worries about the nature of the feminine voice calling him to enter the tomb…

They make the pact in a masterful fashion, ensuring the guard’s silence. Procyon reveals himself to be a Lunar and An-Lan admits the same before the guard. They reveal Jian’s existence as well and he steps forward as Jian Levis.

Jian refuses to speak, however, due to the nature and terms of the pact with the Guardian.

The Guardian says that he will allow us to worship our ancestors, possibly even one of our former selves. He demands to know each of our names, the PCs do so; Procyon telling him of Five Blade Night’s name as well.

The Guardian leaves his iron staff standing in the air and claps his gauntlets together, causing the protective moonsilver runes to flare and the door to roll open.

The three Lunars enter the Tomb and the heavy door slams closed behind them…



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