Taizei Ong Park

Retired Captain of the Seventh Legion of Lookshy, Dragon-Blooded of the Air, War Consultant and Mercenary


This is a Heart’s Blood Form for the PC Jian “Five Blades Night” Levis

His stats are those of Five Blades Night.


For many years Ong Park was a cruel and heartless aging ex-soldier with a love of coin, strong drink and unwilling young girls. Then an assassination attempt resulted in a head injury that turned the old dragon-blood’s life around.

He became a reliable (but was often busy traveling) Consultant in matters of war and defense for various interests in the East.

His star rose to prominence for a short time after five old enemies tracked him down in Nexus and he agreed to duel all of them at once. He won the fight, taking no lives and promising them that we was a reformed man.

Taizei Ong Park

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