Shugan-Junai Karal Elif

Combat sorceress in the Seventh Legion, assigned to the Sijan Outpost.


Extensive Terrestrial Circle Sorcery.

Known Spells: Stormwind Rider Invulnerable Skin of Bronze


Shugan-Junai Karal Elif is the scholarly and reserved counterpoint to Karal Aysunya, she does not have the advantage of breeding and the only marks of her heritage are green tips on her otherwise brown hair. She wears the crimson armor of the Seventh Legion proudly, and is quite attractive on the rare occasions that she smiles. She carries an enchanted bow but her true power lies in Sorcery.

Karal Elif is quiet, reserved and elegant an exemplar of the traditions of her house. She is good friends with Karal Aysunya, but sometimes resents her assignment to Sijan to look after her cousin.

Shugan-Junai Karal Elif

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