Beastman Breeding


The average citizen of creation would refer to any being that was mostly man-shaped with bestial features as a beastman, regardless of whether that individual was truly a beastman, or perhaps a god, a Lunar or a creation of pure Wyld. More learned savants generally agree that the term beastman should be reserved for beings that have significant bestial traits and can pass them on to their offspring.

Lunar Half-castes are less well understood, only the dedicated savant would know that Lunar half-castes and beastmen are overlapping sets. Lunar half-castes can learn charms and the knack Deadly Beastman Transformation, and the knack (that ever Lunar gets for free) Finding the Spirit’s Shape which transforms them into their spirit animal. These magical powers do not breed true (See scroll of heroes).

Beastmen and Half-Castes

Lunar Exalts have the ability to pass on both the bestial traits of a shape that they wear, and the mystic power that Luna has granted them, or sometimes both to the same offspring.

To breed beastman, in the absence of charms, the Lunar exalt must engage is a cross-species coupling. It should be noted that vast differences in size between mates are not feasible, and that many beastman births are dangerous to the mother. In addition, the Lunar must meet one of the following criteria:
  • The coupling takes place in the Bordermarches or deeper in the Wyld.
  • The Lunar has essence 4+.

A half-caste child may be the result of any Lunar coupling provided at least one parent is human at the time of the act. Additionally the Lunar must have essence 4, though having 3+ dots of cult lowers this requirement by one as does living within the influence of an uncapped demense.

Representing Them in Game

Despite the differences in half-caste and beastmen they are handled similarly in the game; there are 3 ways to represent them within the context of the character’s backgrounds.

  • Allies – These are the most potent of beastmen or half-castes, in general the game will have covered a very long period of time before any of these non-Exalts could rise to the puissance of an Ally.
  • Henchmen – This is the recommended way to represent a small number of skilled individuals. These beastmen or half-caste are constructed as heroic mortals with a maximum Inheritance background of (Essence – 2).
  • Followers, Cult or Command – If the mutations of a group of beastmen are relatively minor it is reasonable to have them represented in large numbers by any of these backgrounds. this background is not appropriate for half-caste.

Beastman Breeding

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