List of Lunar Mutations

This is the list of currently canonical mutations available for purchase as part of the charm Deadly Beastman transformation (and subsequent charms). They have been altered from their printed state to reflect how they work for Lunars (e.g. some penalties have been removed). If you want something no on this list, feel free to come up with some rules and we’ll work it out. This list is not appropriate for Beastmen because they are not immune to penalties.

POXES These are the mildest of Wyld mutations, these mutations cost 1 point.

Claw/ Fangs (choose one): The mutant gains short but sharp claws or fangs. Clawed punches or kicks inflict lethal damage, and a fanged mutant’s bite also delivers lethal damage. Claws can be retractable or hidden under gloves, but fangs are visible whenever the mutant eats or speaks.

Enhanced Sense (choose one): The mutant’s sense becomes unnaturally acute. The character gains two dice on all Awareness rolls relating to that sense. This pox is physically obvious in unusual eye color or shape, large pointed ears, an elongated nose and so forth.

ELEMENTAL ADAPTATION The mutant has become adapted to a specific elemental region. Since the Earth Pole is in the center of the Realm, far from the Wyld, there are only four types of elemental adaptations: air, fire, water and wood.

Air Adaptation: This pox renders the mutant resistant to natural cold. The character can remain comfortable and unharmed walking naked through a freezing blizzard or swimming in icy water (see “Numbing Cold” from the Environmental Effects table on p. 131 of Exalted). Not all characters with this mutation must come from the North: a character changed by the Southern Wyld might develop a flame burning in his heart that protects him against cold.

Fire Adaptation: This pox protects the mutant from all natural extremes of hot weather. The character does not require additional water in hot weather. He can remain comfortable and unharmed walking naked under a blazing desert sun (see “Blistering Heat” from the Environmental Effects table on p. 131 of Exalted). This mutation does not protect the character from forest fires, lava or other extreme sources of heat. Not all characters with this mutation need come from the South; a character changed by the Northern Wyld might develop veins of ice in her bones that protect her from heat.

Water Adaptation: This pox allows the character to drink salt water without harm. In addition, the character’s skin suffers no harm from continuous immersion in salt or fresh water. While the character cannot breathe water, when underwater, he can hold his breath for four times as long as normal (Stamina x 2 minutes + an additional two minutes per success on a Stamina + Resistance roll). The character also reduces the difficulty of Athletics rolls involving swimming by 1 (to a minimum difficulty of 1) and doubles the character’s swimming speed.

Wood Adaptation: This pox grants the character the same resistance to all plant toxins (but not serpent or insect venoms, demonic or alchemical poisons or poisons created by Charms) as all Exalted possess and grants Exalts complete immunity to plant toxins. In addition, the character can move through forests, jungles, and other wooded areas with exceptional ease. The character can climb easily and with great speed—reducing the difficulty of Athletics rolls involving climbing by 1 (to a minimum difficulty of 1) and doubling the character’s climbing speed. The mutant also possess green skin that allows her to make food as plants do: if the character receives water and at least eight hours of sunlight each day, she reduces the difficulty of any Survival or Resistance rolls involving finding food or enduring hunger by 1 (to a minimum of 1). Regardless of which version of this mutation a character possesses, her appearance changes to match the environment to which she is adapted, which may include having vines instead of hair (wood), blue skin and webbed hands (water), lightly furred, ice-white skin (air) or a smooth, lightly-scaled hide (fire). A character can possess only one of these adaptations.

Fur/ Feathers/Leaves/Fish scales (chose one): The mutant’s skin changes, and she is now covered in light fur, feathers (players chose colors or patterns), leaves, thin bark or delicate scales. The character gains one die in all Survival pools and does not need to wear clothing to protect her against the elements. This pox also adds 1L/1B to the mutant’s soak. This pox cannot be hidden, but characters with this pox can occasionally be mistaken for Dragon-Blooded.

Hooves: The character’s lower legs are replaced with hooves more appropriate for a horse, a goat, a boar or some other, similar creature. The character adds two bashing damage to his kicks. If the pox is taken a second time, its effects are identical to the Great Hooves affliction.

Night Vision: The mutant’s eyes are adapted to see in the dark like a cat or an owl. The mutant can see as easily on a moonless night in a city or a deep forest as ordinary humans can on an open plain or leafless forest on the night of the full moon, and can see as well under the full moon as well as ordinary mortals can in full daylight.

Serpentine Tongue: The character’s tongue becomes long and forked like a snake’s, and he unconsciously flicks it out every few minutes. The tongue is remarkably sensitive, and a character with this pox ignores the normal -2 external penalty for fighting invisible opponents.

Small: The mutant afflicted with this pox loses about 25 percent of her body mass and height. She loses one dot each in Strength and Stamina. She will also be harder to hit (+1 difficulty). Small mutants can barely pass for normal and are frequently mistaken for children. This pox can be taken multiple times until any Ability reaches 0. Then, the mutant dies. (Taken more than once, this pox becomes a deficiency.)

Tail: The character gains a tail. A pox tail is basically cosmetic. It may be scaly, furred, bare like a rat’s or tufted, but the mutant cannot use it to manipulate things, hang from branches or attack. The mutant gains two dice in Athletics pools as the tail aids in balance. The tail can be hidden under clothes.

Wolf’s Pace: The character’s legs become longer and contain more power. Often, they take on a digitigrade shape similar to that of a dog or deer. Add two to the character’s Dexterity for the purpose of calculating movement during combat, and add two to the character’s Strength for the purposes of jumping distances. The character adds one die to single rolls representing competitive running. In long-term movement (see Exalted, p. 264), the character may move as quickly as a drawn carriage. This mutation may be taken multiple times. Each purchase stacks the mutation’s benefi ts, but if it is taken more than once it can never be hidden. See Gazelle’s Pace and Cheetah’s Pace.

AFFLICTIONS These mutations can be quite severe and are often difficult to hide, these mutations cost 2 points.

Chakra Eyes: This affliction provides all the benefits of the Enhanced Sense pox but also allows the character to detect dematerialized spirits. To do this, the player rolls (Perception + Awareness) with a difficulty of the spirit’s permanent Essence. If this affliction is purchased a second time, its benefits and drawbacks are identical to the Lidless Demon Eye blight.

Chameleon: This mutant can change the color and pattern of her skin to match her surroundings. The mutant’s player adds one die to Survival dice rolls and two dice to any Stealth rolls involving sight.

Frog Tongue: The mutant’s tongue becomes very long, prehensile and sticky. If the character’s Strength allows her to lift her own weight, her tongue can be used to haul herself around. Punch and grapple attacks can be made with the tongue at a three-yard range. When she attacks with her tongue, add two dots to the character’s Dexterity and one dot to Strength, reflecting its speed and stickiness. The character’s speech is very slurred and unclear.

Gazelle’s Pace: This affliction is equivalent to taking the Wolf’s Pace pox twice. For long distance travel, the character can move overland as quickly as a horse. However, the character cannot possibly hide this mutation—his legs don’t look remotely human.

Gills: The character has gills and can breathe comfortably underwater. When choosing this mutation, make a roll against the character’s (Stamina – 2). If the roll fails her lungs atrophy, and she cannot survive out of water for more than (Stamina x 5) minutes. After that, she begins to “drown.” If the roll is successful, the mutant is amphibious, functioning equally well both in and out of water. Gills are visible at the neck and shoulders.

Great Hooves: The character’s legs turn into hooves per the Hooves pox. These powerful hooves inflict +2 damage to kicks, and all kicking attacks inflict lethal damage.

Impossible Joints: This mutation makes all the character’s joints reversible and increases her flexibility overall. She can fold herself up into remarkable positions, often fitting into places most people consider impossible. This mutation adds two dice to appropriate Athletics and Stealth rolls and has many potential nonrolled applications.

Inexhaustible: The mutant is an endless wellspring of energy, even when starved and moments from death. He never suffers fatigue (see Exalted, p. 130) from any source, giving the character the ability to run for hours without rest or stand under the hot sun in full armor unbowed.

Prehensile Tail: The character gains a functional tail. This agile tail can be used to manipulate objects and is treated in all ways like a third limb but at -2 dots on all Strength rolls and -1 dot on Dexterity. Usually, the tail can be hidden under clothes. Of course, it can’t be used while hidden.

Scorpion’s Tail: This affliction duplicates the Tail pox found on page 288 of Exalted. However, whatever the tail’s form, it ends in a sharp pointed barb. The tail is long enough for the character to attack in any direction, but it cannot be concealed absent stunts or Charms. If the Scorpion’s Tail affliction is purchased a second time (or once as a blight), the tail’s attack is considered piercing. Many mutants with this affliction also have the Toxin mutation (see Exalted, p. 289).

Talons/Tusks/Horns: The character sports dangerous talons, tusks, horns or some other hard growth that can be used as a natural weapon, inflicting lethal damage through Martial Arts attacks. Depending on the growths’ locations or natures, treat them as punch or kick attacks that inflict lethal damage two greater than normal (i.e., a “punch” deals two lethal damage, the “kick” five lethal damage.) They remain natural weapons and cannot be disarmed, but they can be cut off with a crippling attack. This mutation cannot be stacked or hidden.

Tiny: This mutation is equivalent to taking the Small mutation twice. The character is smaller than anyone of her race or species should be—half normal size, at most, and a character could be mistaken for a small child. Increase the mutant’s Dexterity by one dot, but reduce her Strength by two and her Stamina by one. Her Move and Dash actions become (Dexterity – 1) and (Dexterity +4) yards, respectively. She also become harder to hit, which levies a -2 external penalty on all attempts to strike her in combat. Immobility reduces the penalty to -1. A Tiny character is too small to use most weapons: add 1 to the effective Strength minimum for any weapon. This is only appropriate for a Lunar’s DBT if the Lunar is already particularly slight, no-one shrinks into DBT.

Thick Skin: The character’s skin becomes denser and heavier than the Fur/Feathers/Leaves pox. It might be thick and horny like rhinoceros hide, it could be covered in bark and knots or have heavy, crocodilian scales and bony nodules. The character gains 2L/2B soak. If a character gains the Fur/Feathers/Leaves/Scales pox twice, replace it with this affliction.

Toxin: The mutant has a poisonous bite, claw or spittle. If the character has claws or fangs, they are envenomed. If not, she spits her poison. The standard toxin is: (5L/action, 2, –/–, -2). This affliction may be taken more than once. Add one to the Toxicity and the Penalty for every toxic affliction.

BLIGHTS These mutations cost 4 points.

Acidic Pustules: The character’s body is covered with disgusting pustules. Whenever the character suffers damage from a hand-to-hand attack, the pus from these repulsive growths can splash back on the attacker, inflicting acid damage. For every point of damage suffered by the character, regardless of type, roll one die of lethal damage against the attacker and anyone else within five yards, subtracting soak as normal.

Armored Hide: The character’s skin has changed beyond any human norm. She may have an insect-like exoskeleton, heavy mammoth fur or thick plates of hide like a rhinoceros. She gains 4B/4L to her soak, and the hide adds four dice to her player’s Survival rolls. Obviously, this derangement cannot be hidden.

Cheetah’s Pace: This blight is equivalent to taking the Wolf’s Pace pox three times. For long distance travel, this blight provides the speed of a simple horse relay. The mutation alters a human recipient’s entire body: when running at full speed, including Dash actions, the character must go to all fours. This is not compatible with carrying weapons ready for use, or any other activity that requires hands; when the character stops running, she must spend the normal amount of time to draw weapons or otherwise prepare to use her hands again (typically a Miscellaneous Action or a Join Battle roll, as circumstances warrant).

Glider: The mutant has a set of gliding wings that allow limited flight. The character can clumsily take to the air and has little ability to maneuver. He flies at (Stamina x 3) yards per action in level flight. Gaining altitude reduces speed to (Stamina) yards per action, while diving allows for speeds up to (Stamina x 10) yards per action. In order to dive, the character’s player must make a successful (Dexterity + Athletics) roll, difficulty (the number of actions of the dive + 1). These wings can be bat-like, feathered or scaly.

Quills: The character has sharp quills that can be used in unarmed attacks or launched like darts at opponents. She may grow quills all over her body (and barely pass for human) or in a limited location such as the head or arms. All punches inflict +1L Damage, with an Accuracy +1, Rate 3 and Range (if launched) 15 yards. They also add one die to any parry made by the character, and anyone who attempts to grapple the character takes 3L damage. The more times this blight is taken, the more the damage (only) increases and the more the character’s body is covered with quills.

Tentacles: The mutant has strong tentacles about five yards long. The character gains 1d10/2 tentacles each time he takes this blight. They are strong but they suffer a -3 penalty to Dexterity for any coordinated activity. The character can grapple any target in range, and he may also throw his victim or constrict her at (Strength + 3B) damage per action. Victims can attempt to escape the tentacle’s grasp like any other clinch.

Wall Walking: The mutant has unique hands and feet that allow her to cling to even sheer surfaces. She may have sharp, tiny claws, sticky pads or dozens of small spurs. Regardless, her hands and feet will always grow large, with long toes and fingers that are very difficult to hide. She moves at (Dexterity + 8) yards per action at full movement—half that if she wishes to take actions as well. Unusually slick surfaces (ice, glass, First Age buildings) might require a (Dexterity + Athletics) roll for her to stick, but the difficulty should never rise above 2.

ABOMINATIONS Mutants with abominations cannot pass as human in any land, and even Wyld barbarians look upon them with fear and revulsion. These mutations cost 6 points.

Dragon’s Breath: The mutant develops a form of attack that she may project at nearby enemies from her mouth. The attack may be flame, acid, shards of ice, stinging candy-wasps or whatever else the Wyld inflicted on her. The attack requires a (Dexterity + [Archery, Athletics or Thrown]) roll, has a base damage of (Stamina + Essence)L and a maximum range of 10 yards. The character’s mouth, lungs and internal organs all change shape to accommodate this strange bodily function. Some mutants develop external organs to contain the attack, which may only be used once every 10 actions (as it needs to recharge).

Multiple Limbs/Heads: The mutant has multiple extra arms, legs or heads. One extra set of limbs or one extra head is gained every time this abomination is taken. Multiple heads often have multiple personalities and might not even physically resemble the character. Each set of legs, up to three, adds five yards per action to running speed and one die to resist knockback, knockdown and grappling maneuvers. Multiple arms are identical in Strength and Dexterity to the original set, and the character may flurry with them. When a character splits her dice pool, compute the penalties then reduce them all by one die per set. Minimum penalty is one die. For the purposes of extra actions, a set of tentacles counts the same.

Serpent’s Body: The character’s legs fuse and stretch into a long, serpentine body, 15-20 feet long. The character gains a +4 Dexterity bonus only for calculating movement rates. The character also gains a +6 bonus on rolls to maintain or contest a grapple (but not initiate) when he uses his tail to constrict his foe.

Spider Legs: This abomination causes the character to sprout four enormous spider legs from his back. Its effects resemble the Multiple Limbs abomination (see Exalted, p. 290), except that the spider legs do not confer a -1 reduction in flurry penalties. Instead, the character gains the ability to climb any surface that is not completely frictionless, without any need for a roll. The character may not climb up objects that are not strong enough to support his weight, but he can hang upside down from a ceiling without difficulty. This abomination also grants a +4 bonus to the (Strength + Athletics) pool for determining how far or how high a character can jump, and a character with spider legs can fall a distance equal to twice his vertical jumping distance and land without injury.

Wings: Mutants with this ability can fly. They might have huge functional wings or perhaps gas-filled bags of skin. The character flies at two times her normal running speed, ascends at her normal running speed and can dive at 10 times her running speed. She does not need to make checks to pull out of dives.

List of Lunar Mutations

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