The Occult ability covers the practical application of magical knowledge. It is used to sense the flows of Essence and to phrase pacts with spirits and ghosts. Additionally it can be used in Thaumaturgy. Thaumaturgy is a suite of abilities that are on the order of effectiveness more than most mortal actions, but less than Exalted Charms especially in the activation time and duration.

To use Thaumaturgy a character must possess a special kind of Occult specialty called a Degree. Like most specialties the Degrees are capped at 3 per title, but unlike specialties they are not capped at 3 for all of Occult and also cost considerably more experience (10, 8 if Occult is favored).

The specialties or Arts are as follows:

  • Art of Astrology
  • Art of Alchemy
  • Art of The Dead
  • Art of Demon Summoning
  • Art of Elemental Summoning
  • Art of Enchantment
  • Art of Geomancy
  • Art of Husbandry
  • Art of Spirit Beckoning
  • Art of Warding and Exorcism
  • Art of Weather Working

Many Procedures can be learned by excelling in different Arts; for example a practitioner of the Art of Warding and Exorcism knows how to banish a ghost just as well as a practitioner of the Art of the Dead.

More information on each of these arts is available in the Main Book, Oadenol’s Codex and in the Glories of the Most High series.

The following Procedures are included as a house rule in my game.

Minor Oath (2,Intelligence,3,1 Hour)

All of the participants in the oath must agree on terms and swear to them while mingling their blood (1 L health level each, replaceable by essence as normal). Should either party break the oath within the next decade each of the participants among the offending party has a failure on a die roll transformed into a botch. This botch occurs at the worst possible time as determined by the Storyteller. This Procedure is part of the Art of the Dead, Demon Summoning, Spirit Beckoning and Elemental Summoning provided one party consists entirely of the appropriate creature and none of the other creature types are involved, it is also part of the Art of Geomancy and Warding and Exorcism but the difficulty increases by 1 for every being with an essence greater than one to be effected.

Major Oath (3,Intelligence,5,1 Minute)

Same as Minor Oath except that the activation time is much quicker and the curse for breaking the Oath may instead turn a success into a normal failure (again, at the most inopportune moment).


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