The Thousand Streams of the River Country

Fifth Session


Greg clears up the timeline:

-12 years ago, Lopra took over Old Abelshire.

-5 years ago, Lopra and the Dark One fought with arms and sorcery. Hillhome, her manse, was destroyed by unknown forces.

NOW we arrive under Kisseki’s tutelage and start up our streams.

The debate continues in Chandresh’s ruined office, with Procyon mystically pressing his questions into Chandresh’s mind and Chrandresh executing a seemingly PERFECT retort by laughing.

Both Procyon and Jian notice this all-too-effortless shrugging off of Lunar power by a “mere” Dragon-blood, leading them to believe that Chandresh is more than he seems.

Procyon and Chandresh continue to argue. Five Blades puts in that Chandresh seeing the fight between Lopra and The Dark One makes it most likely that he was allowed to view it and allowed to live through it by the Dark One’s permission, not Lopra’s. Chandres ignores this jibe.

O.O.C.- Ben and Nathan argue about the social combat system, with Nathan wanting to freely act it out and Ben wanting to use the social combat system.

After a long debate, Five Blades Night gets Chandresh to promise that he will not reveal their true natures without informing Park immediately after. Having secured this promise, Five Blades leaves after bidding Procyon and Chandresh adieu.

Walking around town, Ong Park discovers that the people of Old Abelshire are unusually happy. He investigates and a very happy Abelshire townsperson says, “Circus Halcyon is coming to town tomorrow!” They are traveling troubadours from the North, supposedly, who visited Abelshire one year ago. Ong Park continues his travels out of town and some of his Abelshire-hired Mercs tell him that they have no idea of any circus called Halcyon, clearly leading him to believe that it is a supernatural effect. Ong Park heads back to round up the others and tell them this.

{{{Ben (OOC) says (in reference to Chandresh and the Circus Halcyon), “I bet it’s his new combo.”}}}

He meets An-Lan outside Chandresh’s temple. They discuss things and some notes are traded. An-Lan waits outside and Ong Park goes inside.

Chandresh realizes that his own staff has been co-opted, asking “Shiela” what her favorite act was. She says, “the Sword-Swallower was amazing”. Chandresh says, “Sword-swallower? Okay, that’s just offensive on the face of it. This aggression will not stand!”

Procyon and An-Lan have a discussion with Five Blades that the group must kill Chandresh. Five Blades disagrees, getting the other two to agree to talk to Kisseki first.

An-Lan and Five Blades leave town and find Kisseki already waiting in a pond… They go into a copse of trees to speak with him.

Meanwhile, Procyon goes to the docks and starts a rumour, backed with Essence, that the ACTUAL Circus Halcyon is in another town, the a poor ethnic group is faking their existence to come and swindle the town. This plays into the town’s negative feelings and is quite believable. It spreads. Procyon then finds that the leaders of Caollien and Serpent do not seem to know what the circus is.

Speaking to Kisseki, he says that we had worked out by now that great sorcery was worked upon Lopra. Kisseki offers to show us was Lopra was shown, but it will require a large display of essence…

He does not know about the Circus Halcyon.

He says that he would not choose to kill Chandresh, but that it is the virtue of his strength and that he cannot choose nor stand in judgement on us for so choosing. Says he will be around the river near Abelshire for approximately 5 days.

Five Blades and An-Lan return to town. An-Lan asks his elemental and discovers that it too has had it’s memory screwed with. Yes, even immaterial spirits are being affected by the Circus’ power. An-Lan, Procyon and Five Blades meet and discuss things, agreeing to first deal with the Circus, then view Kisseki’s magics about Lopra, then deal with Chandresh (or not, in Five Blade’s case).

The three Lunars approach the caravan and Five Blades appears as Ong Park in the road, blocking their way. He introduces himself and offers the caravan a bribe to leave the town and go elsewhere for the rest of the year.

The lead man in the caravan goes back to speak with his superiors while An-Lan flaps in to listen. They are surprised but decide that they must enter the town.

They step out and meet with Ong Park, but they reach a loggerheads. Park agrees to return to town and get his superiors.

The three Lunars go to Chandresh’s group outside of town and meet the “Gleaming Lance of Law”, Nathan’s new form. Procyon hits on Lance and then they move forward to meet the caravan.

Procyon takes Chandresh’s form, An-lan and Ong Park move forward to the caravan.

They introduce themselves as Anlissa and Harlequin. The five meet inside a caravan and the two carnies tell the tale of their play. It seems not very special or amazing.

Procyon responds to their statement of having passed through before, saying that he can’t remember them. He then asks them the moral of their story. They respond, saying that the name of their troop is the moral. “Betterment through peace and the investigation of the ruins.”

They claim they want peace and profit for all the towns of Bewellen.

A lot of dialogue takes place, she implying that she knows of Lopra red tail. Procyon asks about their tale and she launches into it…. NEXT SESSION.