The Thousand Streams of the River Country

Ninth Session

V’Neef Mikomi and Five Blades meet Lin Rui and Gleaming Lance of Law on the darkened roads of Bewellen during Calibration.

After a bit of a dick-length competition between Lin Rui and Mikomi, the four agree to travel together to old Abelshire and take a rest in a tavern.

Mikomi and Lance of Law go to the ladies’ room together and discuss. Mikomi thinks Gleaming Lance is part of her old cult, the one she claims is trying to kill her. Gleaming informs her that she is not related to or trained by the cult, rather she is fighting against their ideas.

Beneath Mikomi’s blue circlet, her Eclipse cast mark becomes visible, proving that she is a Solar. The circlet transforms her powers to look like something else.

The cult agreed to protect her from the Wild Hunt and teach her things and she agreed to help them on a mission into the Realm. If she does not, she will fail at the greatest attempts in her life.

She says that she sanctified the Oath with her own power.

Gleaming Lance, Five Blades (as Taizei) and Mikomi discuss her oath and the cult with Gleaming saying they should set a trap and kill her pursuers.

Five Blades generally agrees, so they take Mikomi back to Chandresh’s Immaculate Temple where Gleaming has her Cult worship Mikomi while Five Blades sends a prayer to the Maiden of Journeys to tell her servant Mustard Seed Knows-a-lot that his quarry is in Old Abelshire.