The Thousand Streams of the River Country

Sixth Session

After Greg reviews last session, he proceeds to describe the play as the Harlequin and Analissa perform it. The story is basically one of Solars returning to the land. They do not seem to use any mental-affecting powers.

Procyon as Chandresh Kar asks them where the mental tricks were and what type of Exalts they are?

They demur and do not answer. Procyon continues his social attack and Analissa responds that they want people to explore the ruins more often and bring back treasures.

Analissa says the circus only wants to bring peace to the people of Abelshire.

There follows an epic but friendly argument wherein Procyon, Lance of Law and An-Lan try to get info out of her and she subtly deflects and tries to get info herself.

Suddenly Analissa reveals her true nature, telling us she is “Snickering Sorrow, Sensual Severance of Sanity’s Snare”. He has a black, bloody caste mark, an inversion of the Solar Eclipse Caste mark!

Taizei asks who her Mistress is. She says, “Why, the Lover, of course.”

Harlequin reveals himself to also be an Abyssal and announces that he fought with Lopra Red Tail in the past. Now we are standing there with two Abyssals before us, chit-chatting.

An-Lan says that he is feeling outclassed and “Chandresh” (Procyon) asks what he can do to help them. Harlequin responds that it is none of their business what they want out of the ruins.

Taizei returns and says to Harlequin that after a short conference, his business associates have agreed that the Circus “can certainly acquit yourselves safely and are welcome in the town because after all, there are certain degrees of nobility in our world.” Harlequin grunts and they continue to pack up and head to the town.

We fly back to Gleaming Lance of Law and tell her there are Abyssals. Then Taizei needs to leave and Five Blades returns in his war-form. An-lan leaves and returns in his war-form. Procyon is openly being all Lunarly…

Lance of Law tells Chandresh’s men to kick rocks and they pack up and leave.

An-Lan and Five Blades hide along the side of the road. Five Blades plans on being a bird and then dive-bombing Harlequin.

Procyon and Lance stand in the road and stop the caravan. Analissa comes out and Lance speaks to her, concealing her sudden charge and attacking with her golden lance.

A flurry of lance strikes is PERFECTLY avoided by the shadowy Analissa. Procyon leaps on and gets gored but continues beating on the Abyssal.

There is a major battle. At the end of this, Analissa flees and the group beats down Harlequin, ending the session with him dying and bleeding out rapidly as Five Blades recovers his senses and calls for a medic for the fatally-wounded Abyssal.