The Thousand Streams of the River Country

Third Session

Greg describes the effects of our downtime on the setting:

Five Blades successfully founds a mercenary company and begins to research and learn to build the foundations of airships.

Procyon and An-Lan are working together.

Procyon in the guise of another form, met with Chandresh, the dragon-blooded leader of an Abelshire faction. Through their conversation, they discovered that an unknown faction is pushing for war and making it look like Chandresh’s faction was responsible.

Procyon eventually returns to tell An-Lan and Park about this. This prompts An-Lan and Ong Park go to the site of Lopra’s “final battle” to research their growing hunch that her death hasn’t happened yet.

Stones with clawspeak show that sorcery was cast. And that sorcery was cast shortly after the battle, not during. The sorcery was meant show what happened in the past. So somebody DID investigate her death/disappearance.

An-Lan and Taizei end up running into Chandresh outside Abelshire, and he shows them an excellent sword. Taizei says that it is so. Then Chandresh asks about Procyon’s false form, asking after him and the city of Nexus, trying to discover what the connections are. Taizei and An-Lan evade and say they do not know. The trio part on friendly terms, each going their own way. Five Blades travels as a bird to see Kisseki and ask about the real truth with Lopra’s disappearance.

Meanwhile, Procyon meets with Conley Cogs at a tavern. Conley is a brash but socially-astute businessman. They discuss the arrival of Park’s mercenaries, the potential of war, economics, moving Abelshire up in the world, etc. Conley is more than willing to talk, and Procyon tells him a secret call-and-response code to determine that it is truly him and not a spirit or doppleganger. Then they begin to make some business deals.

Kisseki spoke truth when he said that one of his students “passed into death”... Some misinterpreted that statement. Procyon and Sure-Footed Upon the Endless Mount of Wisdom work against one of their own kind- namely, Lopra, who lives..

Kisseki reveals that Tetsuda is dead and that An-Len (Sure-Footed Upon The Endless Mount of Wisdom) received Tetsuda’s Exaltation. Tetsuda lives on as a ghost who acts to control her city still, however. Her murderer is still out there, but that danger is unconnected to Lopra and her dark lover.

When Jian asks Kisseki if he has any messages to pass, he says this:

“Ask the goat-headed God why he has not garnered as many worshippers as he wished. He will find the answer to be interesting.”

He also says,

“Investigate the town of Oakbridge in the seasons it favors, that of Wood. Then you can unravel the mystery.”

Jian thanks him and flies back. He tells Procyon and An-Lan of Kisseki’s words. They agree to study the dark force and Lopra’s relationship. They agree to wait until Wood Season and learn more of Tetsuda’s death and ghostly life now. They also agree that Taizei Ong Park will speak with Chandresh about the darkness and general security issues.

Next game will start with Chandresh and Ong Park talking some afternoon.