• General Kwai-Lyn Fong

    General Kwai-Lyn Fong

    Leader of the Third Dragon of the Seventh Legion of Lookshy, a powerful man with a wooden leg.
  • Kijuko Kisseki

    Kijuko Kisseki

    This ancient Lunar has assembled a cadre of newer exalts to revitalise the City-States of Bewellen.
  • Lopra Red-Tail

    Lopra Red-Tail

    Supposedly dead after a battle with a creature from the Black Chase, was the leader of Abelshire and now that land is in chaos.
  • Melgris Huttenton

    Melgris Huttenton

    The Mayor of Harmonious Homestead, brokered pact with spirits of the Springs.
  • Peng Tai-Mon

    Peng Tai-Mon

    Dead Uncle Peng An-Lan, was a wealthy and influential member of the Guild specializing in First Age artifacts.
  • Shugan-Junai Karal Elif

    Shugan-Junai Karal Elif

    Combat sorceress in the Seventh Legion, assigned to the Sijan Outpost.
  • Taizei Karal Aysunya

    Taizei Karal Aysunya

    Captain of the Seventh Legion Talon stationed in Sijan.
  • Taizei Ong Park

    Taizei Ong Park

    Retired Captain of the Seventh Legion of Lookshy, Dragon-Blooded of the Air, War Consultant and Mercenary
  • Tetsuda


    Tortise or Turtle-Lunar who is rebuilding the Oakbridge community- for the last ten years.