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From the Locus of Transcendent Transposition, know to the locals as Flip-Flop Falls, flows the power that makes the River of Tears flow uphill from the White Sea to the mountains North of the Scavenger Lands. A bit farther South, along the portion of the River of Tears that flows as the Gods wish but before it becomes choked with the sediment that gives it its name, is what is left of the ancient Commonwealth of Bewellen.

The roots of the Commonwealth of Bewellen lie in the First Age and the massive geomantic project that was the inversion of the River of Tears’ Northern half. The families and servants of the thaumaturges that aided the ancient Solars made their homes in the Southern foothills of Mount Cahan. When the years of work had finished the once rude camps had flourished in the marshy foothills into sizable towns, and many of those involved in the project stayed on after it ended. The Twilight who headed the project appointed a daughter of hers to head the small country, her name was Jenesera Bewellen.

In the Second Age the Commonwealth of Bewellen declined as bandits and barbarians preyed upon the river traffic, but it was still a viable enough state to shield its citizenry from the depredations of the Fair Folk and the Great Contagion. Bewellen signed the mutual defense pact of the River Province and eventually the Confederation Treaty, in the 2 centuries since then has effectively dissolved into four city-states united only by the single delegate that they send to meetings of the Concordat.

In the last 50 years however, great changes have swept over these towns, pulling them back from the brink of dissolution…

Old Abelshire is the farthest North and the most lawless. It grew from a village into a thriving scavenger town, taking wealth from ruins to the Northeast. A council of the top scavenger outfits advised a ruler know as the Bandit queen, but she has disappeared, and in a small mimicry of the Realm itself the scavenger princes have turned on one another.

Jugram’s Falls is next on the river and gets its name from the Realm War hero Jugram the Lightning Bolt. When the town was on the brink of collapse, Kylen Miller revitalized it by introducing revolutionary waterwheel technology. Since then the small city has become known for it’s industriousness and bakers.

Harmonious Homestead occupies a wide and slow part of the river near some of the least tillable marshland. It would have sank back into the swamp were it not for, now Mayor, Melgris Huttonten discovering the healing properties of the spring just two days journey to the East. Now the town is the biggest of the four, a bustling pilgrimage site for the sick and infirm, and those looking to sell to them.

Oakbridge This town, the Southernmost in Bewellen, gets its name from the wooden bridge grown in place in the ancient times, which is still capable of holding 3 yeddim walking abreast across it. No single event turned Oakbridge around in the last 50 years, its populace grew with migrants from farther North and it was poised to rise to the status of the head of a new commonwealth. At least until 10 years ago when it was almost wiped out by a Realm Dragon under the command of the zealous Ragara Swart. The city survived, saved in the waning days of the battle by Seventh Legion troops, but the rebuilding has been slow.


There are a number of rules clarifications and outright changes that this game will be using: Here are some pages detailing various aspects of how this game is run:

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