First Downtime

First Downtime

Five Blades Night, wearing the form of Ong Park, begins to form a mercenary security company by picking up promising potential recruits from the various towns around Bewellen. Training these young men in rented accommodations, he seeks to claim or purchase some land and have a basic barracks built and some training grounds established.

Implement of Industry helps Taizei Ong Park build some wooden-frame barracks and clear some fields for training his young mercenaries. Part of their continuing training is expanding the compound. See below for more:

XP Purchases:

1 dot Craft

Five Blades Night is researching building Airships; learning how to bend metal, wood and oiled skins into the correct shapes, also working with heating air. He will begin by crafting a metal fire frame with an egg shape, wrapping it in oiled skins, hanging a a wooden frame with a burner below it, and generally trying to get this lead balloon to fly.

2 dots Backing: Bewellen

Taizei Ong Park is becoming the friendly uncle who runs a very friendly mercenary company that is bringing peace and safety to the region. He frequently meets with leaders and other security services, offering up free advice on security and speaking positively of Bewellen’s future, always careful not to be partisan or negative about the region. He is building trust and friends, as well as business contracts and will avoid working for anyone who is acting against the interests of greater peace and prosperity.

2 dots Command: Park’s Mercenaries

Taizei builds a Mercenary company by drawing on the best and worst of greater Bewellen’s young sons and daughters. Taken to his barracks to the Northwest of Jugram’s Falls, these students are molded by military discipline into honest, sensitive and capable warriors. They are imbued with a dogma that says that Bewellen is an important location deserving of peace and prosperity and that those things WILL BE gained through Righteous Action. Taizei teaches each young warrior to master himself first, to look at his own darkest self and master it. He teaches them that, once they are in control of their own dark desires and uncharitable thoughts, they can begin to master their bodies and roles in society. They are taught to be ideal citizens, defend the innocent and uphold the law, property rights and the economy. But Taizei also spies on his own men, and has openly offered a reward for truthful reports of poor behavior on the part of his young men and women.

First Downtime

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