Old Abelshire


Old Abelshire, once known only as Bend, is the farthest North city-state and the most lawless. It grew from a village into a thriving scavenger town, taking wealth from ruins to the Northeast. A council of the top scavenger outfits advised a ruler know as the Bandit queen, but she has disappeared, and in a small mimicry of the Realm itself the scavenger princes have turned on one another. To the degree that there is a cause that unifies Bend, it is a desire to seek revenge upon Jugram’s Falls for past slights real and imagined.


Caiollien & Serpent: Caiollien’s faction is the primary motivator of the recent and more organized raiding of Jugram’s Falls’ scavenger caravans. Caiollien is a wealthy and brutal scavenger queen originally from Nexus. Her right hand man is Serpent, a chosen of Sextes Jiles who kills on her behalf but is thoroughly cowed by his mistress. Caiollien’s holdings include several warehouses along the river and she moves her base of operations between them. Caiollien is popular with the older populace, as her tight control of her operation plays to their desire for stability. She has a large fighting force loyal to her coin and her pet Dragonblood’s fist.

Eireen, Aoife & Orlaugh: (Eye-reen, Ah-oy-i-fay & Or-law) This coven of thaumaturges are well schooled in the Arts of Astrology, Geomancy and Weather Working, and use this power to quietly extract great profit from the old ruins. The three Grand Witches share power on a rotating basis, currently the enchanting Aoife is in power. The coven operates out of a temple-orrery called Treasure Trove Ascending. The commonfolk are largely scared of the witches of Treasure Trove Ascending, though the farming community holds their weatherwork in high regard. In addition to the few dozen actual witches, the coven has a standing staff of loyal, some say enchanted, mercenaries.

Conley “Cogs” Gearault: Conley Cogs runs the most daring of the scavenger outfits in Old Abelshire with a personal touch and his signature smile. Conley and his men have a penchant for Firedust, fast women and fine whiskey that tends to eat into the successful scavenger lord’s profits. Conley is the most popular of the Scavenger Lords, Conley is beloved by the common people, especially the youth, for his generous ways. Conley’s forces are small but elite, each a fine warrior in their own right and well equipped with relics. His base of operations is the rowdy dockside bar Cask & Crate.

The Chronicler: The Chronicler is not the head of a gang of scavengers, but is instead a regular employer and fence for the more esoteric items pulled from the Old Ruins. Little is known about him save that he is calm, pacifist and very very old, some say immortal. He does command a fair-sized mercenary force, which has only swelled as the independant agents have been forced to choose sides. His base of operations is the ancient library that has stood in Bend since its founding.

Chandresh Kar: Chandresh Kar is a pious man, or so they say. He and his men comb the ruins of Bewellen in the name of the Realm, “confiscating” items of “historical significance to the legacy of the Empress”. No-one seems inclined to look too closely into the circumstances of how the remains of his unit were reassigned to this detail after the destruction of Tepet’s legions in the North, nor at the Magistrate or two that never managed to report back home. Despite his ties with the Realm, Chandresh is actually popular with the general populace, as his men are well disciplined and he seems to make a genuine and shrewd effort to improve the standard of safety and justice in the area. His base of operations is one of the few Immaculate temples in the Bewellen area.

Recent History

Five years ago everything in Old Abelshire changed when The Bandit Queen disappeared.

For years before that fateful day she had negotiated treaties and bargains between the ten biggest scavenger outfits and keeping Old Abelshire running smoothly. For years before the Bandit Queen’s reign the people of Old Abelshire had long held an enmity for the wealthier people of Jugram’s Falls.

The full coffers and bellies the Bandit Queen brought dampened the flames of that enmity, but as the ten scavenger outfits each made their bid to replace her the infighting began to take its toll. A full year of vicious fighting after her disappearance Orlaugh Skyteller wrangled the five scavenger lords into what would be known as the First Congregation. The ten agreed that they must unite, and further agreed that they must kindle the hatred of Jugram’s Falls to do so, but could not manage to agree on which scavenger lord would play what role in battle to come.

In the wake of the First Congregation the infighting stepped up. In a bid to establish dominance both Caiollien’s and Conley Cogs’ men controlling the docks embargoed the rest of the city, not letting food or goods past their control. The plan backfired, and the city entered open revolt. Three scavenger lords leave, two are murdered and the remaining five consolidate their power at the Second Congregation.

The Second Congregation actually accomplishes what the first did not, the five remaining scavenger lords agree on food distribution, tariffs and most importantly concerted raids against Jugram’s Falls.

As the Season of Earth begins the five pour their wealth and power into arming militias and brigands, their sights firmly fixed on their Southern neighbor.

Old Abelshire

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